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Sunday, August 29, 2004

The balance of things

Lately, I find myself looking for a better balance of things. I definitely work hard at my studies, but I also found myself trying to let loose a bit too because I wasn’t feeling very human about the way I was approaching my goals.

I’m the kind of person that expects 130% out of myself when I focus on things. I wouldn’t say that I’m one track minded, but that I find myself enjoying things less when I can’t give my all to it consistently. Spreading myself over 3-4 projects results in my inability to give 100% to any one project ALL THE TIME. My hope though is that 80-90% in several things is the amount of performance others might be showing when they give 100%. Sometimes though, you just run into some concurrant things in life that you either have to do or want to do because you enjoy them so much. So what am I getting at? Nothing really. Just thinking out loud about how I function and how I find myself wondering if I can get more results out of my time. I think that's why a stopped my daily routine of journaling. I may pick it up again, but there are other things I need to put a little more effort on right now.

Last Monday I took a midterm and got my results back on Friday. I got above the mean, but wasn’t happy about my effort to outcome ratio. I know two people who had crammed for 3 days before the test did better than me. That made me so mad. But the dilemma there is… to whom or what was I mad about? Their lack of prep compared to mine? My studious prep and lack luster result compared to them? Them being more lucky than I or worse.. smarter than I? Do you know what I mean?

As I was a bit down, I decided to watch a video rental, “Cold Mountain” last night. It was too serious for my mood. With continued effort and slight adjustments in my study strategies, I don’t see a problem with getting an A in this class though.

Well, I did the most non-focused thing that I could do Friday night… I watched TV and enjoyed watching Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and the Olympics. That 4 person woman relay really sucked for the U.S. team. They really messed up. I saw Collateral on Monday night. That was pretty fun actually. My favorite TV shows are the West Wing, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis (jury still out yet on this one), Apprentice, American Idol and Trading Spaces. If only had 1-2 hrs in a week to watch TV, I'd choose West Wing and the Apprentice.

My wife felt that she needed a vacation herself. So she left for Vancouver B.C. yesterday with her sister, mother and brother. I hope they have fun. They’ll be there a week. Then come back and go see the 3rd Theatre Works play in Palo Alto. For the last 20 years, I’ve gone to plays and musicals pretty regularly. For the last 10 years, I’ve had season tickets at local theaters to make sure I take time away to enjoy them. I enjoy plays so much. Theatre Works last play RED was awesome. If your ancestry is foreign, you’ll love this play. If it’s in your area by some other acting troop.. do check it out.

Going to plays is a bit weird though because 70% of the audience is grey haired. I think I’ve seen between 130-150 plays and 30 musicals so far. The thing I’ve learned about plays is that they are each enjoyable in their own way, but sometimes you run into one that just knocks your socks off. I’ll list them for you. 1) The Last Session- A drama with some songs of a homosexual artist who decided to commit suicide after his last recording session. 2) All my sons-WWII story of a family dealing with the times and some foul play amongst best friends 3) Red-Story of a famous American Chinese book writer who goes to China and remembers who forgotten love and devotion of her father. 4) Steel Magnolias-I saw the play before it was a movie 5) Man of War-Funny and moving. Each of these plays would be considered dramas. Comedic plays have a funny way of entertaining you but being very forgetful.
More FMR Updates

Aug 29, 2004
· Added Which MBA Online—A Critical Guide/Website to the worlds Top MBA programs
· Added MBA Info B-School Rankings
· Added MIT Sloan School of Management MITOPENCOURSEWARE—Undergraduate and Graduate online courseware (Good way to get educated or check out some online courses)
· Added Tag-Board-free app to put online chat forum on your Blog or Web Site
· Added Stacy Blackman—Admission Consultant

Aug 22, 2004
· Added the BottomLine—Chicago’s online Business School Newspaper
· Added article Dating in B-School: Mergers and Acquisitions Sept 1, 2001
· Added MicroEdu-GMAT Quant and Verbal prep guides and free tests.
· Added Forbes B-School Rankings
· Added The Economist B-School Rankings


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